Beyond Class Room

Language Lab:
The Communication Laboratory aimed to be used for language tutorials ensures exposing students to various listening and speaking drills. This especially benefits students who are deficient in English and also aims at confidence-building for interviews and competitive examinations.
Information Technology & Enterprise Resource Planning (IT & ERP Lab):
VNSBS has a modern computer lab equipped with modern facilities like the Wi-Fi connection. VNSBS has established a well-equipped lab for a better insight into the technology with sixty (60) modern computers with state-of-the-art hardware & latest software. All computers are connected with structured network infrastructure.
Instructional Resource Center (IRC):
Instructional Resource Centre is meant to promote content development and continuous up gradation of study material by faculty members along with feedback from internal and external subject matter experts. This will ensure that VNSBS faculty members and students have access to high quality subject-content and teaching material, power point presentations and cases.
Research and Publication Lab:
Research is at the core of VNSBS and is done to enhance knowledge-creation and problem-solving for the industry. Research by the faculty and also by the students under faculty supervision feeds directly into an enhanced learning environment at the VNSBS and indirectly to a wider audience of practicing managers and teachers of management.
Mentee Register:
Students have to weekly update their mentee register which comprise of different sections emphasizing their learning on different industry sectors, indices and management terminologies.
Personality Development (PD) Classes:
Daily classes of PD and Presentations covering areas like Indian Economy, Personalities, Books, Constitution, Geography, History, Quantitative Aptitude, Vocabulary, Group Discussion sessions, and Mock Personal Interviews for students for their overall development.

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